Friday, May 25, 2007

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Willie Wonka

Lollipops. They seem to be deeply embedded in the juvenile psyche. A quintessential emblem of childhood. Every child gets lollipops, right?

All of the hobbits, but Bug particularly, ask from time to time when they will be able to have lollipops again. It's one of those questions that stabs into the heart of a mom. Not having a scrying glass to be able to foresee when corn will be tolerated again, the alternative reply was, "When someone makes a corn-free lollipop, Sweetie."

Someone has. Finally.

And seeing their faces when I waved the lollipops in front of them and they realized that they could actually eat's enough to make a mom want to cry tears of gratitude.


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purple_kangaroo said...

I did cry the first time I saw Baby E eat one of those Yummy Earth lollipops. She loves them, and they're so NORMAL. One of those things most people take for granted, but we relish.